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A Message from Perpetual Napoga Nin-yenle, CEO of FeatheryCare: Hatching a Brighter Future for Poultry!

As we embark on a new quarter, I'm filled with immense pride and excitement about the journey FeatheryCare is undertaking. We are a passionate team committed to revolutionizing the poultry farming industry, driven by a singular mission: empowering poultry farmers with innovative solutions to maximize production, minimize chick mortality, and ensure the well-being of their flocks.

But why? The poultry industry faces significant challenges. Traditional methods often struggle with efficiency, disease control, and chick survival rates, impacting both farmers' livelihoods and animal welfare.

That's where FeatheryCare comes in.

We envision a future where poultry farming is smarter, more sustainable, and accessible to all. We achieve this by harnessing the power of technology, developing integrated hardware and software solutions like our Cluck Farm Management Platform.

Our Cluck Farm Management Platform performs two main functions;

  1. Utilization of sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence to create a controlled, optimized environment for your flock. From temperature and humidity control to real-time health monitoring which reduces manual labor, stress, and the risk of disease outbreaks.

  2. Provision of easy access to data insights, analytics, and timely notifications of activities to be performed on the poultry farm. You can schedule tasks, manage feed, and access expert advice – all at your fingertips.

But FeatheryCare isn't just technology; it's passionate people. Our team comprises dedicated individuals with diverse expertise in agriculture, technology, and animal welfare. We combine our knowledge and enthusiasm to create solutions that not only increase your yield but also prioritize the well-being of your feathered friends.

We're currently in the exciting stage of testing our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with real farmers, gathering valuable feedback to continuously improve. We also partnered with Livestock and Poultry Research Centre (LIPREC) to test our camera systems in their brooder houses.These initial trials have already shown promising results, demonstrating the potential of our solutions to make a real difference.

The road ahead is filled with possibilities. We're committed to expanding our reach, collaborating with partners, and continuously innovating to bring even more advanced solutions to the market.

Join us on this journey as we transform the poultry farming landscape. With your support, we can create a future where every farmer thrives, every bird flourishes, and the industry becomes a beacon of sustainability and efficiency.

Thank you for believing in FeatheryCare. Together, let's hatch a brighter future for poultry!

Perpetual Napoga Nin-yenle

CEO, FeatheryCare

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Nicholas Afram
Feb 28

Amazing insights shared by the team

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