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Empowering poultry success for a sustainable future with AI.

FeatheryCare empowers poultry farmers of all levels with innovative solutions – Cluck App, camera systems, and expert resources – to raise thriving flocks, optimize operations, and build a sustainable future.

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Your coop in your pocket!

Cluck, the all-in-one poultry management app, empowers you to raise happy, healthy flock. Forget spreadsheets and guesswork. Track flock health, record data, and receive insights – all from your phone.


Download Cluck for FREE and Give Your Flock the Best!

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Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Interactive Disease Outbreak Map 

24/7 Multi-Camera Live Feed

Granular Role Management

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Premium and Enterprise



AI Enabled Surveillance System


AI-Powered Flock Monitoring

Automatic Environmental Control 

24/7 Multi-Camera Live Feed on Cluck App

powered by the Raspberry Pi single-board computer

Say Goodbye to Guesswork

The Cluck System takes chick care to the next level! This innovative system leverages AI to learn about your unique flock and adapt its monitoring accordingly, ensuring optimal health and growth.


Built on the robust Raspberry Pi platform, the Cluck System  delivers dependable chick monitoring 24/7. You can trust the system to provide accurate data and timely alerts, so you can focus on managing your flock with confidence.


Our AI technology analyzes chick behavior and environmental data, learning patterns and proactively adjusting alerts based on your specific flock's needs.The system also easily integrates with your existing camera setup.


Starting at only 4,000 cedis for a complete setup with two IP cameras, the Cluck System offers exceptional value for your investment. Experience the power of AI-powered chick care without breaking the bank.

Raise Stronger Flock with Lower Mortality Rates

Every chick lost represents a potential source of income and a setback in your flock's development. Chick mortality can be devastating, but it doesn't have to be the norm. The Cluck System is your proactive solution.

Auto Brooder

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Accra - Ghana

Accra - Ghana

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