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We Are FeatheryCare
Passionate Poultry Experts Driven by Innovation

At FeatheryCare, we're more than just a technology company. We're a passionate team of poultry enthusiasts, engineers, data scientists, and agricultural specialists dedicated to empowering poultry farmers with innovative solutions.

What sets us apart?

Deep Industry Knowledge: Our team boasts extensive experience in poultry farming, understanding the challenges and opportunities you face daily.

Technical Expertise: Our in-house engineers and data scientists develop cutting-edge AI technology tailored to optimize chick care and overall flock management.

Unwavering Commitment: We're driven by a shared passion for building a sustainable future for the poultry industry.


Our Mission

Championing innovation for a responsible poultry industry, one healthy bird and empowered farmer at a time.

Our Vision

FeatheryCare aspires to be a cornerstone of a sustainable food system, ensuring the responsible and ethical production of healthy poultry for generations to come.

The Team


Co-founder/Chief Operation Officer

Mawunyo Avornyo


Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Perpetual Napoga Nin-yenle


Co-founder/Chief Marketing Officer

Elpidio Date Tossou


UI/UX Lead

Audrey Anaama Akwoengo


Finance Lead

Gerald Akomea Bentil

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