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FeatheryCare Takes Flight with the Poultry Value Chain of the HAPPY Program: Empowering the Future of Ghana's Poultry Industry

Group picture with Stakeholders and NSPs

FeatheryCare is excited to announce our collaboration with the Poultry Value Chain under the Harnessing Agricultural Productivity and Prosperity for Youth (HAPPY) program, sponsored by MasterCard Foundation. This groundbreaking initiative aims to empower 700 National Service Personnels (NSPs) to become successful in the Poultry Value Chain in Ghana, collectively producing 350,000 birds annually over the course of four years.

This program recognizes the immense potential of young Ghanaians to contribute to the nation's agricultural sector and create sustainable livelihoods. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge, resources, and technology, the HAPPY program fosters a new generation of empowered youth into the Poultry Value Chain.

FeatheryCare CEO presenting on Cluck App

A key component of this initiative is FeatheryCare's innovative Cluck Mobile App. This user-friendly app provides crucial support for the NSPs by:

  • Streamlining farm record management: The app allows for easy recording and tracking of vital data like flock health, feed consumption, and egg production, ensuring data-driven decision-making.

  • Offering real-time insights: NSPs can access essential data and receive alerts on their mobile phones, enabling them to proactively address challenges and optimize their farm operations.

  • Enhancing accessibility: The app's user-friendly interface ensures that even those with limited technological experience can effectively utilize its features.

In the spirit of this collaboration, FeatheryCare actively participated in a recent workshop held in Accra. This workshop served as a crucial platform to:

  • Officially introduce the HAPPY program to the participating NSPs.

  • Provide comprehensive orientation and training on various aspects of poultry farming.

  • Showcase the functionalities and benefits of the Cluck Mobile App, empowering the NSPs to utilize it effectively for their ventures.

FeatheryCare's involvement in the HAPPY program workshop signifies our unwavering commitment to supporting young Ghanaians and fostering a brighter future for the poultry sector. Stay tuned for further updates on this impactful initiative as we empower the next generation of poultry farmers in Ghana!

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